Our shared values guide our actions. They underpin the relationships we build with all our partners including pupils, parents, teachers, school brands, and investors. We aim to develop schools that provide children with the very best education; we hold ourselves to the highest standards in pursuing our ambition.


Honesty and trust are central to everything we do. We operate with integrity from a business perspective and nurture integrity in pupils within our care.


We develop enduring relationships based on a shared vision and long-term project goals. We encourage our pupils to tackle challenges together and believe that there is always more to unite than divide us.


We believe in establishing schools that do more than just promote academic progress. We create safe and happy environments in which pupils, parents and staff feel part of a strong community.


We believe in our market and in the education our schools deliver. We want families in as many locations around the world to have access to one of our schools. We are ambitious for our pupils – we believe that there is no limit to what each can achieve.


We are passionate about what we do, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of our mission. We encourage a hard-working attitude in our pupils, helping them to understand that commitment, in all aspects of life, is required to fulfil potential.


We strive to set an example to the industry. It is important to innovate – but we believe that the best schools blend innovation with tradition. We believe that leadership is a vital character trait and is a central theme of the curriculum in all of our schools.


We find the vibrancy created by inclusive communities exciting. We are an inclusive employer and operate diverse schools. Our schools encourage pupils to be tolerant and respect others, regardless of background or belief.

The EduReach Team

We have the in-house expertise to deliver a turn-key solution for opening and managing an international school. Find out about our team members.

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