EduReach provides a turn-key operating solution for investors and property developers interested in establishing international schools, including partnership access to a carefully selected group of prestigious UK independent schools.

The international education market is booming: with global fee revenue expected to increase by over 75% in the next decade, it offers investors rewarding, low-risk opportunities. This said, opening and managing successful international schools requires expertise and an enduring commitment to quality.

Fee revenue is expected to increase by over


in the next decade.

EduReach has the in-house expertise to manage all aspects of a school project from buildings design and resource procurement through to admissions, marketing, teacher recruitment, curriculum development and ongoing operations. We seek to develop long-term investor relationships based on mutual aims and objectives and a common set of values for high quality education.

Unlike many school operators, EduReach is prepared to share in project risk by investing in the Operating Company. Alternatively, we also consider partnerships based on long-term management agreements. For more details on our typical partnership structures please click here.


“I have always been passionate about improving the education system for Qatar in line with my country’s vision. I wanted to develop a number of premium schools to serve our local and multinational community bringing together the best of British education with the proud local culture of my country. I spent five years looking for a suitable operating partner who would be prepared to co-invest and manage all the aspects of opening and running school from design to recruitment to curriculum.

EduReach already had a strong relationship with King’s College in England but were able to add the international factor and ensure the school was efficient, international and culturally sensitive. I am very proud of what we have achieved at King’s College Doha which is already ranked amongst the best schools in my country.”

Sheikh Mansoor bin Jassim Al Thani – Chairman, King’s College Doha

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