The pre-operations period refers to the time from when a new project is formally agreed by all partners to the point when a new school opens its doors to pupils for the first time. During this period, EduReach manage several interlinking work streams which are summarized below.

UK Brand Engagement and Partnership

EduReach ensures that the brand school and the project are well aligned. We work hand in hand with the school throughout the entire pre-operations process to ensure that their ethos and curriculum are translated effectively.

Market Feasibility Validation

At the start of the pre-operations process, we carry out a rigorous market analysis to validate the original project assumptions made during the business development phase. Changes to project assumptions are fed into an updated project masterplan and financial model.

Curriculum Design

The EduReach academic team tailors the curriculum to suit each new school, harnessing the context and expectations of the locality.  We provide expertise in both the Cambridge curriculum (IGCSE, A Level and Pre-U) as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB).

School Design

EduReach believes passionately that the quality of a school’s environment and setting has a profound effect on the quality of teaching and learning. We have the inhouse expertise to manage the complete design programme, including project and construction management from inception through to completion.

Human Resources and Recruitment

EduReach believes in close control of HR and recruitment from the earliest stage of the project. Our central office is set up to manage the recruitment process in line with the highest procedural standards of our brand partners.  We ensure that all HR documentation and contracts meet local and international labour law requirements.

Marketing and Admissions

Marketing and admissions are intrinsically linked. We implement a programme to build the brand and the profile of the school and its stakeholders from the outset. Our marketing and admissions plans are rigorous and emotionally engaging. They tell an inspiring brand story and distinguish the new school from local competition.

Operations and Procurement

During the pre-operations process, our team manages a defined procurement process and sets up all the structures required to deliver operational aspects such as catering, cleaning, transport, security and IT.

Legal and Licensing

The legal and licensing requirements to set up new schools are complex and vary from country to country. EduReach manages the requirements throughout the pre-operations process, ensuring that the school’s local partner provides support as necessary.

Financial Management

Ensuring tight financial controls and clear management processes are in place from the outset is essential. EduReach takes responsibility for this during the pre-operations phase, including the implementation of appropriate financial information systems and the recruitment of appropriate local personnel.


Martin Clark, our Director of Schools, explains the aim of each pre-operations programme under EduReach’s management:

“Our approach is designed to make sure that the school reflects the ethos and culture of the UK partner school in its new international setting. This ensures that the children and their families are welcomed into an established, purposeful community from the very first day.”


EduReach’s involvement in school projects does not stop when the school opens. Find out about our ongoing operational role.

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