School Features

Bangkok, Thailand
Age Range
3 - 18
School Capacity
British Curriculum
UK Founding School

Denla British School

Our work with Denla British School is an example of where EduReach has worked with a local, high quality brand school.

EduReach assumed management responsibility of Denla British School (DBS) with the School’s Directors at project inception, and has taken the school through its pre-operations phase into the second year of operations. Located in the area of Nonthaburi, approximately 45 minutes north of central Bangkok, DBS opened 2017. The School has a distinctive character, and provides excellent all-round education in a positive, happy community. Its exciting international outlook is grounded in the strength and tradition of a UK independent day-school style. DBS’s vision is to nurture future leaders through an enhanced British curriculum, academic excellence for all and entrepreneurialism, while preserving its national Thai identity.

DBS offers children a breadth of experience in a diverse range of subjects, from traditional academic subjects to visual and performing arts and sport, allowing each student to discover their passions and interests. The curriculum emphasises the importance of world languages, ensuring students become proficient in both English and Mandarin, while extending expertise in Thai.

Facilities include:

  • Science Lab
  • Mac Lab
  • Music Centre
  • 2D and 3D Art Rooms
  • Indoor 25 Metre Pool and Sports Hall
  • Dance and Fitness Studio
  • 200 Seat Theatre and Black Box
  • 400 Metre Running Track
  • Golf Training Area
  • Exploration Garden

Teaching Careers

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