School Features

Beijing, China
Age Range
3 - 11
School Capacity
Dual immersion curriculum (British and core Chinese curriculum)
UK Founding School
Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House (HD) Beijing

HD Beijing is superbly located in the Dongba area, northeast of Beijing City, surrounded by idyllic, green parkland. Dongba sits within the City’s Chaoyang District, which is developing into Beijing’s new international business centre, complete with high-end commercial and recreational spaces. Since its opening in August 2017, the school has developed a reputation as one of Beijing’s leading bilingual schools. It combines an academic focus with outstanding pastoral care within a carefully balanced dual curriculum environment.

Uniquely, the campus makes use of several ancient imperial architectural features such as covered walks, sky wells and pointed roofs. These features, combined with modern design concepts (such as rooftop play-grounds and doubleskin walls), create a truly inspiring learning environment.

Facilities include:

  • Music and Drama Classrooms
  • Individual Music Practice Rooms
  • Mac Lab
  • Bilingual Library
  • Multifunctional Theatre
  • Science Labs
  • Art and Design Studios
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Athletics Track and Outdoor Sports Pitches
  • Indoor Anti-Pollution Dome

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