School Features

Ningbo, China
Age Range
3 - 18
School Capacity
Dual immersion curriculum (British and core Chinese curriculum)
UK Founding School
Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House (HD) Ningbo

HD Ningbo opened in August 2014 and was the first of the Hurtwood House China schools. Following its high-profile launch, HD Ningbo School has quickly become one of the City’s leading bilingual schools. Set on an imaginatively laid-out campus in the Yinzhou district of Ningbo, the School offers an outstanding international education that blends the best of British with the best of Chinese approaches to learning. The curriculum provides students with a broad and balanced learning experience, in which tradition meets creativity and East meets West.

The school is committed to fostering genuinely bilingual and bicultural pupils, enabling them to gain competency in Mandarin and English, and preparing them for life in an increasingly interconnected world. The curriculum is taught using a dual-language immersion approach – pupils benefit from lessons delivered by native speakers of English and Chinese, with some lessons being taught by both teachers in the same classroom.

Facilities include:

  • Science Labs
  • Junior and Senior Libraries
  • Art and Design Centre
  • Mac Lab
  • Athletics and Sports Pitches
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Golf and Tennis Complex
  • Music and Drama Classrooms
  • Individual Music Practice Rooms
  • Theatre

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