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Doha, Qatar
Age Range
3-16 years
School Capacity
UK Founding School
King's College
British Curriculum
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King’s College Doha

King’s College Doha offers the international community of Qatar an outstanding UK-style independent-school education in some of the best facilities that the region has to offer. Since its opening day in September 2016, King’s College Doha has developed reputation as one of the best schools in Qatar. The School is conveniently located in the district of Al Thumama, a twenty-minute drive from the City centre, making it easily accessible from most parts of Doha.

Kings College Doha combines an academic focus with a broad co-curriculum, offering all pupils an extended and fulfilling day. Underpinning the curriculum is a strong emphasis on pastoral care. The School understands that children fulfil their potential when they feel happy, supported and at ease in their surroundings. All members of staff, therefore, work hard to build a strong sense of community and promote supportive relationships.

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Facilities include:

  • Dedicated Library
  • Central Atrium and Performance Space
  • Science Labs
  • Art and Design Centre
  • Music and Drama Classrooms
  • Individual Music Practice Rooms
  • Mac Lab
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Outdoor 25 Metre Pool with Learner Area
  • Outdoor Games Courts

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