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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Age Range
3-14 years
School Capacity
UK Founding School
King's College
British Curriculum
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King’s College Riyadh

Kings College Riyadh was the first British private school to be established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The school opened in August 2022, teaching in a fully co-educational environment from Pre-School.

King’s College Riyadh delivers a truly all-round curriculum, based on King’s College UK but adapted to the context of Riyadh. Academic progress is made alongside the development of new skills and interests through sport, music, the arts and a range of other activities. Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom, led by highly qualified teachers using an approach that nurtures curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning.

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Facilities include:

  • Dedicated Library
  • Central Atrium and Performance Space
  • Science Labs
  • Art and Design Centre
  • Music and Drama Classrooms
  • Individual Music Practice Rooms
  • Mac Lab
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Outdoor 25 Metre Pool with Learner Area
  • Outdoor Games Courts

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