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Name of School
King’s College Doha
UK Brand
King’s College Taunton
Doha, Qatar
Partnership Model
Enhanced Franchise
Co-educational prep school
British, based on King’s Taunton and adapted to local context


King’s College Taunton (King’s) approached EduReach in 2015 to indicate their interest in establishing a sister school overseas. Like many other schools, the College had a combination of educational and financial motivations. Educationally, they saw opportunities for cross-campus pupil or teacher collaboration, while financially they were looking to establish an additional revenue stream for bursaries and capital projects.

Having taken the decision to explore overseas opportunities alongside a trusted operating partner, King’s invited EduReach onto its Overseas Working Party (OWP). This provided reassurance to the Governing Body that there was expert knowledge on hand to consider any opportunities that arose. It also meant that King’s and EduReach were in a position to move quickly when a project opportunity became serious.

King's College Doha opened with




In November 2015 EduReach introduced King’s to an opportunity in Doha, Qatar. EduReach approached King’s because its ethos aligned with the style of school that our feasibility studies suggested would suit the local market.

The opportunity was to establish a co-educational Prep School on a site approximately 20 minutes from Doha city centre, before expanding into a senior school on a separate site during a second phase. The local partner was Sheikh Mansoor bin Jassim Al Thani, who wanted a sustainable investment that would contribute to improving Qatar’s educational landscape.

Having previously set up an OWP, King’s were able to expedite a formal decision-making process. The Governing Body approved the development of King’s College Doha in December 2015.

The partnership is an enhanced franchise arrangement, with EduReach as the school operator. EduReach also invested its own capital in the school operating company, providing King’s with a sense of confidence in its project partners. As part of the agreement, King’s provides their brand, intellectual property and clearly defined operational input. EduReach managed all of the work streams related to the pre-operations programme and maintains ongoing responsibility for the operation of King’s College Doha. The expertise and UK independent school experience within EduReach’s team, means that King’s can commit to key areas of the project thereby avoiding brand dilution, while also ensuring that their home management team do not become distracted from their focus on the schools in Taunton.


King’s College Doha opened in September 2016 with 220 pupils in its first year. This opening was significantly more successful than other British international schools that opened in Doha at the same time but that did so without the expertise of an operating partner like EduReach. King’s College Doha is currently at full capacity and has developed a reputation as the city’s leading Prep School after only two years of operation.

The school will deliver a significant revenue stream for King’s College Taunton, without any negative impact on the home school’s management team. As a result of King’s College Doha’s success, EduReach and King’s College Taunton have been approached by other investors in the region who are interested in establishing new international schools.


“Establishing King’s College Doha has been incredibly exciting and fulfilling. The warmth of the lived experience of a child or family with us is very important and so it has been reassuring to have EduReach understand our desire to transplant not only high quality teaching but also as much of our emotional DNA as possible. The School is very popular with parents, is at capacity and continues to go from strength to strength – this is in large part down to EduReach’s international operating know how.”

Justin Chippendale – Headmaster, King’s Hall School (prep school of King’s Taunton)

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